I hope you are excited by this news as much as I do. Repetto, well-known for their comfortable ballet pumps, has finally arrived in Singapore! Repetto Soft Corner is now located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre Level 1 at the Ladies’ Shoes Department.  


The layout is similar to the corners I have seen at Printemps!


Best known for their exquisitely well-made ballet flats, the story of the brand started in 1947, when Rose Repetto perfected a pair of ballet shoes for her son, a renowned dancer and choreographer. Repetto shoes then were handmade and fitted the dancer’s foot well and were very durable. Words spread and before long, dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet were wearing her shoes. In the 1950s, celebrities such as Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were spotted wearing Repetto’s ballerina pumps.


Fast forward more than 50 years, Repetto shoes has expanded beyond ballerina pumps, but heels, brogues and boots too.

I believe all it takes is to experience the shoes to understand the difference its inside-out stitching and soft material make. Pop by the corner at Takashimaya now to check out this amazing piece of French fashion history. Prices of the shoes and ballerina flats start from S$395.

Repetto的芭蕾鞋,大家应该略有所闻。外貌看起来与市场上许多类似款式相差不远,但是手工非常精致,质料也特别柔软,因此穿上去非常舒服,价位也一般鞋子来得高。这来自法国巴黎的品牌,源自1947年。当年Rose Repetto为自己当舞蹈员的儿子制作了一双芭蕾舞鞋,之后开始为巴黎歌剧院的舞者制作鞋子。五六十年代,女明星如Audrey Hepburn及Bridget Bardot也拥护Repetto的芭蕾鞋,导致这品牌大受欢迎。终于,Repetto登陆了新加坡。想要了解这看似普通的芭蕾舞鞋究竟有多大魅力,不妨到Takashimaya 一楼女鞋部门看看以及试穿。

Image credit: Repetto

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