Dear friends,

The month of January has blitzed past. I don’t know about you but I had been dying to get a massage. The mind has shot off to speed with the exuberance of a new year but the body has been trying hard to keep pace. I have gotta admit, I am ageing and two cups of coffee everyday is no longer sufficient to eliminate all traces of weariness.


Fortunately, I was invited to Spa Esprit to experience the Back to Balance massage. The outlet at Paragon Level 5 looks like a zen woody sanctuary.

Because stress, unhealthy meals and hectic schedule could lead to a weakened immune system and poor blood circulation, resulting in an imbalance to the body and mind. The Back to Balance massage aims to bring your mind and body back in sync.

Sounds like a dream! The difference between this 90-minute massage versus the classic scentsational massage is that the latter uses only one aromatic blend. Back to Balance massage, on the other hand, uses a whopping 8 essential blends from doTerra.


Above image from Babblin’ Brooke.


The spacious therapy room has an ensuite bathroom lined with shower products from Malin+Goetz. Perfect if I want to take a nice bath to after the massage. The bed was heated and I dozed off in the warm and fuzzy environment minutes later.

My therapist focused on different points of the body, and applied the different oils to achieve different purposes. She started off with the Balance essential oil, which helps to de-stress, followed by the Lavender oil for calming effect. Melaleuca oil and On Guard oil were used next to stimulate the body’s immune system. AromaTouch and Deep Blue oil blends were next applied to ease discomfort and stimulate blood flow. Finally, Wild Orange and Peppermint oils refresh and rejuvenate the body.

The massage strokes were quite gentle. Therefore, if you are yearning for a solid aching good time, this is not the kind of massage to go for. What I have always liked about Spa Esprit is the relaxed ambience and the soothing scent from the high-grade essential oils. Many spas that I have been to do not have that relaxed and comforting essential oil therapy.

Did I enjoy the massage? Absolutely. Would I go for Back to Balance massage again? Maybe. This therapy costs S$235.40 for 90 minutes. I might go for the Classic Scentsational Massage (S$117.70 for 60 minutes, S$160.50 for 90 minutes) instead if  I just need to rejuvenate my tired body.

Nonetheless, I would highly recommend that you get some therapy for your body and soul before the craziness of February commences.

May the force be with you,

新的一年,是否过得非常忙碌?是时候让身心松懈以下,不妨考虑到Spa Esprit试一试它们的按摩服务。90分钟的Back to Balance按摩,采用八种来自doTerra的优质精油。通过按摩师的巧手,能够解除压力,松懈身心,提高身体的免疫力以及促进血液循环。Spa Esprit的设施也非常舒适,让人感觉轻松。若嫌 S$235.40的按摩有点儿贵,也可考虑价位较低,仅采用一种精油的Classic Scentsational按摩。

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