Red bottles. Complex, mysterious, enchanting or invigorating? As you gingerly open up the bottle cap, what lies within?

Nope, I’m not gonna post any psychology test here. But I will be sharing my thoughts on two crimson bottles of aromatic goodness for different perfume preferences.


(from left) Clarins Eau Dynamisante (25th anniversary limited edition), Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Clarins Eau Dynamisante

A cult favorite for 25 years, the unisex scent is not exactly your usual perfume. Loaded with aromatic essential oils with treatment properties (Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme, Petit Grain and Rosemary), this fragrance is a skin tonic with body treatment benefits. If you have never tried Clarins skin spa or skin-time treatments before, their fragrances are used to uplift the mood and are beneficial for the skin, before the treatment commences.

  • The scent is invigorating and spa-like. I love to use this as a perk-me-up on a lazy afternoon when I am turning drowsy. Allow me to let on a secret, the Eau Dynamisante is now a permanent fixture on my office desk.
  • The zesty citrus notes are refreshing for the body and the senses, especially after a work out, or after a walk under the sun.
  • The scent is strong, but not long-lasting. I believe this could be due to the lower alcohol content.
  • This could also be an acquired scent – those who do not appreciate the smell of essential oils might not enjoy this fragrance.

The Eau Dynamisante (original packaging) retails at S$82 for 100ml.


Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift

I believe those who are curious about this fragrance are either fans and admirers of Taylor Swift, or are attracted by the attractive bottle design. The bold bottle bears the signature iridescent finish of Wonderstruck perfumes and is bejeweled with a cluster of antiqued gold charms. The details don’t end here. Even the perfume cap is adorned with vintage gold swirls and gilded script, embossed with the number “13”, apparently Ms Swift’s lucky number.

  • The fragrance consists of a blend of wild berries and sugar-glazed petals, with a balance of creamy flowers and sensual woods. The first whiff is strong and sweet. Those who favours strong, sweet and fruity perfumes would definitely enjoy this.
  • The scent is very long-lasting. I was surprised by how rich the dry-down notes were.
  • Overall, I think the Wonderstruck Enchanted would appeal to younger ladies, who prefer stronger fragrances and are particular about fragrance bottle designs.

The Wonderstruck Enchanged by Taylor Swift is exclusively available at all Perfumes & Cosmetics stores at Changi Airport. This EDP is priced at S$76 and S$92 for 50ml and 100ml respectively.

红色瓶子,当中蕴藏着多少神秘迷人的香味?向大家介绍两种截然不同的香水。同样是红色的香水瓶,散发出来的感觉可是天渊之别。娇韵诗的 Eau Dynamisante香水推出25年了,算是老牌。这是一瓶具有保养效益的身体香水,结合了植物萃取的香味与疗效。虽然香气并不持久,但是有提神以及肌肤护理的功效。著名女星Taylor Swift所设计的Wonderstruck Enchanted则比较趋向年轻的群众。这香水的包装非常精美,香气较重,也比较甜滋滋的,是属于年轻少女的味道。值得一提的是, Wonderstruck Enchanted目前仅在樟宜机场发售。喜爱这类香水的您,可到机场的香水及彩妆专柜查询。

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