Fruits, boxy satchels in adorable pastels, 18th century paintings and even a timepiece. The latest Spring Summer collection from Anya Hindmarch is packed with a lot of exciting and whimsical elements.

Even its SS2013 show held in London last year was oozing with playful naughtiness. There was no hot model, but a giant paper carousel with moving cardboards and comical drawings depicting an 18th Century Georgian era.


Victorian lady in a shower? Saucy!


Weightlifter balancing a load full of Seymour bags.

Back to the bag collection, there is a myriad of different silhouettes for different personalities and preferences. The delicate evening clutches shaped like apple and pear are slated to be instant conversation starters. The printed canvas clutches feature humorous paintings and whimsical leather tassels. The Bathurst soft satchel is an adorable boxy bag in demure pastel shades and can be carried two ways.  

Here are some of my picks from the Spring Summer collection. Tempting?


Of course, we might not have been able to witness the fun and grand spinning cardboard carousel in real life, here’s a video to enjoy this unique presentation which ended with a magical note when numerous butterfly confetti rained on the audience.

Anya Hindmarch今年春夏系列依旧走俏皮路线,皮包种类繁多,能够迎合不同口味以及需求。有比较实际的Bathurst小手提包,也有喧宾夺主的苹果箱包,还有逗趣的Courtney Valentine手提袋。Anya Hindmarch去年年底在伦敦时装周的发表会也非常独特,没有任何模特儿,设立了巨大的旋转纸城堡舞台,加上华丽的图案,摇晃着的立体绘画人物,附上精致的皮包。若感到好奇,不妨看看以上Youtube视频,感染以下现场梦幻轻松的气氛。

Image credit: Anya Hindmarch

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