I have sparse brows and therefore I had to fill them in everyday before I step out of the house. Sometimes, when you’re blurry-eyed in the morning, you may miss a couple of steps of your daily makeup routine. Imagine those emotional roller-coasters I had to go through when I realised that I had forgotten about my brows after I reached the office!

Having been to Browhaus for brow threading over the past few years, renewing package after package, I was introduced to Brow Resurrection several years ago. I heard so much about this bespoke semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery treatment that I really wanted to try it.

Recently, Browhaus launched a new and more natural version of Brow Resurrection, known as Brow Resurrection Natural. I was invited to test drive and share my experience about the treatment. There will be a special promotion for those who are interested in this solution, so keep reading to the end of the post!


I had my brows “resurrected” at Browhaus Raffles City B1 by a Brow Specialist named Elaine.


The first step to Brow Resurrection is brow consultation. The photo on the left is the natural state of my eyebrows. I like my brow shape. As such, I requested to follow this shape and just darken the brows. The photo on the right showed my right brow being shaded with a pencil during the consultation to give me a glimpse of what my brows would look like after the treatment.


After defining the brow shape, the next step is to choose the colour of the vegetable dye for the brows. Elaine suggested that I take the brown, rather than dark brown shade.

Next, a numbing cream was applied on my brows and the actual process began. Elaine used a multi-pin tool to create very fine, hair-like “strands” on the brows with the shade of the dye that we had selected earlier on. This process was quite fast – slightly more than half hour for me – and rather painless (felt more like tiny ant bites). All this while, I was tuned in to my iPod while Elaine was doing her job.


Do you see a difference in the before and after pictures?

How much does the Brow Resurrection Natural service cost?

Brow Resurrection Natural retails at $2,140.00. This is inclusive of unlimited touch-up sessions for a period of 2 years. Browhaus would encourage you to buy their after-care products, Build and Fix which cost $37.45 and $40.66 respectively. Do note that Browhaus has a cheaper Brow Resurrection service, known as Brow Resurrection Define, which retails at $1,284.00. This service gives a more defined brow shape with stronger strokes and only consists of 1 touch-up session.

How long does the Brow Resurrection Natural treatment last?

As this is a semi-permanent solution, the colour and shape might fade slightly during the period and with Brow Resurrection Natural, you are entitled to unlimited touch-ups. This means that you can even tweak your brow shape slightly during the touch-up sessions. For best results, Browhaus recommends touch-ups every 4 to 6 months.

Is there any down-time after Brow Resurrection Natural?

While the brows could look a bit darker immediately after Brow Resurrection, they look natural enough for you to resume your activities after you step out of Browhaus . You are advised to keep your eyebrows away from water for a week and use Build and Fix religiously to aid the healing process. Based on my own experience, the dye stopped dropping off after 2 days and there was nary any pain or itchiness during the first week.

What are the benefits of Brow Resurrection Natural? Why should I pay more than $2000 for this treatment?

Browhaus is a brow specialist and has been set up for close to 9 years. On a personal note, I have been visiting Browhaus for brow threading and shaping that I am very comfortable with their skills and services.

Brow Resurrection allows you to have well-shaped brows everyday, and saves you the time required to fill or draw them everyday. With makeup, there will always be hits and misses – BR eliminates the probability of badly drawn brows.

As Brow Resurrection Natural creates finer lines as compared to Brow Resurrection Define, you not only go home with softer, natural brows but you have the option to do minor tweaks during the touch-up sessions, which are free and unlimited for the 2-year period. The option to be able to fine-tune your brow shape is something not many semi-permanent brow treatment providers are able to roll out.

Quote ‘MsGlitzy’ to redeem Brow Resurrection Natural Trial at $300!

This is a very good deal because you will get a brow consultation and the first Brow Resurrection Natural treatment for only S$300. Subsequent touch-up will not be included in this trial.

This offer is available at the following outlets – Browhaus Cathay, ION, Katong, Raffles City Basement & Street Level. Valid for new Brow Resurrection customers till 28 Mar 2013.

If you have any question about Brow Resurrection? Please feel free to leave a comment, or drop me an email!

对于Browhaus的Brow Resurrection塑眉服务,本人多年来都非常有兴趣。虽然眉型算端正,但是眉毛稀疏,每天非得画一画眉毛才能出门,相当麻烦。但是,Brow Resurrection价格超过一千新元,绝对不是一个能够让人一时冲动尝试的服务。终于,本人有机会尝试最新Brow Resurrection Natural,比之前推出的版本更加自然。该版本用的绣针比较细,采用独特编织法,绣上去的毛发栩栩如生,非常自然。这新版Brow Resurrection塑眉服务,价格为$2140,包括两年无上限调整美疗服务。若您对Brow Resurrection非常感兴趣,不妨乘现在试一试Brow Resurrection Natural Trial。只需$300,并通知店员您是通过’MsGlitzy’了解此促销,您便可以获得第一次Brow Resurrection新版塑眉。这吸引人的促销截止日期为3月28日,只限Browhaus Cathay, ION, Katong, Raffles City Basement & Street Level店。

This post is courtesy of Browhaus.

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