I am no expert in men’s underwear and I shall not claim to be one today. Nonetheless, no matter how disinterested you are towards men’s briefs, I doubt you will turn away from this TVC starring a scantily clad Mr. David Beckham.


David Beckham Bodywear collection focuses on fit and comfort and these characteristics are obviously demonstrated in the 100-second video where Beckham dashes, kicks, jumps and swims in just a pair of army green boxer briefs.

Here are some screen shots of the entertaining ad, directed by Guy Ritchie.

davidbeckhamhm1 davidbeckhamhm2 davidbeckhamhm3 davidbeckhamhm4 davidbeckhamhm5

I am sure you will be amused by the realistic wedgie and the unrealistic bum of Mr. Beckham. By the way, the collection will be available at H&M stores from tomorrow, if you are looking for briefs that you (or your man) can dash, jump, kick and swim in.


David Beckham为自己男性内衣品牌所拍摄的广告,终于面市了。只见场景设在洛杉矶豪华住宅区,Beckham在某种不得已的情况之下,只穿了一件非常合身,来自David Beckham Bodywear collection的内裤,又跑、又跳、又踢,甚至还跳进泳池里,内裤变成泳裤。这如此精彩的画面,出自名导Guy Ritchie之手。大家好好欣赏以上Youtube视频吧!

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