With the start of a new year, there has been several launches of new fragrances. Ivoire by Balmain, Escada Cherry in the Air and Just Cavalli are three newly released perfumes for the different female personalities. Which one do you think you might belong to?


Ivoire by Balmain


Mysterious, elegant and modern. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Parisian woman, Ivoire by Balmain was a signature perfume in the 80s and has been relaunched recently.  

Within the timeless and polished perfume bottle is a scent that bears the top notes of mandarin essence, orange essence and violet leaves, supported by creamy vanilla heart notes. The fragrance is a little cloying, but definitely not dated.

“IVOIRE is the name I gave to a dream. The name of a woman of sovereign beauty, draped in ultra-pale silk. We crossed paths for a moment on the staircase at the Opéra, before she disappeared into the night.” Pierre Balmain

This perfume exemplifies an enigmatic beauty – calm and elegant and perhaps a little melancholic. Is that you?

Priced at S$97 for 50ml and S$139 for 100ml (excluding GST), Ivoire by Balmain Eau de Parfum is available at Perfumes and Cosmetics stores in Changi Airport.

Escada Cherry in the Air (Limited Edition)


A beautiful young lady with a wide smile and sunshine personality, riding a bicycle through the cherry orchard with her long hair and printed dress blowing in the wind. Without a doubt, Escada Cherry in the Air is an upbeat fragrance for Spring.

Definitely a draw for ladies who fancy juicy fruity scents, the fragrance opens with exuberant top notes of cherry and raspberry, exuding carefree and playful vibes. Cherry in the Air is reminiscent of me in my younger days.

Escada Cherry in the Air Eau de Toilette is priced at S$67 (30ml), S$93 (67ml) and S$117 (100ml).

Just Cavalli


Three adjectives: Young, sexy and provocative. That’s what Just Cavalli is about. The perfume is characterized by a sexy floral scent with top notes of neroli before settling to woody base notes. However, if you prefer a long-lasting, lingering scent, you will need to spritz on intermittently because this perfume is a tad weak and does not as long as I would have imagined.

Perhaps a fun gift for the flirtatious and seductive girlfriend. Just saying.

Just Cavalli will be exclusive to Perfumes & Cosmetics at Changi Airport for two months ahead of local stores. Available from 14th February 2013 at all Perfume & Cosmetics Stores located at Changi Airport, the perfume comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles and retails at S$63 and S$88 (excluding GST) respectively.

女人啊,女人,个性可以千变万化。可以是冷艳高贵,可以是热情奔放,也可以是性感挑逗的。今年市场上推出不少新的香水,个个都凸现了不同女人的个性。Ivoire by Balmain是品牌1979年经典香水的再生版,刻画如谜一样的女人,既神秘又高贵大方,仿佛只出现在男人的梦里,令他难以忘怀。Escada Cherry in the Air则象征年轻奔放的小女生,开朗自然,令男人感觉甜而不腻,心旷神怡。最后,Just Cavalli是献给具野性以及挑逗性的女生。金色的瓶子加上蛇皮的图案,Cavalli想要体现这样令男人欲罢不能的女性。

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