Not every girl loves to read but I am pretty sure no one could resist the appeal of a book clutch.


The celebrities instantly look both stylish and smart just by adding a book clutch to their get-up.



The most coveted book clutches are definitely those from Olympia Le-Tan. Each clutch is hand-crafted with the words and patterns painstakingly embroidered, as well as lined with Liberty print fabric lining. As every clutch (and title) is handmade, there is only limited quantity per design and each is priced at more than 1000 pounds.



While there are many other cheaper book clutch alternatives available, none could match the intricate workmanship from Olympia Le-Tan. I don’t see myself dishing out thousands of dollars for a book clutch in the near future. My only hope? The Olympia Le-Tan x Lancôme “Rouge in Love” book clutch.


The French designer has collaborated with Lancôme to celebrate the first birthday of Rouge in Love lipsticks and Vernis In Love nail varnishes. This limited edition minaudière – only 100 pieces available worldwide – is larger than the usual size in order to house 6 sets of rouges and nail polishes.


Social editor of Vogue Magazine, Chloe Malle, was spotted carrying this clutch to two parties. Hers was labelled No. 4 of 100. Apparently Emma Watson has the No. 1.

Lancôme Singapore is currently giving away a Rouge in Love minaudière. This is the only one available for Singapore market and I have already submitted my entry for it. All you have to do is to send a writeup of your moment in love to Lancôme (details here) or pop by their counter at Tangs Orchard to submit the entry. This contest closes on 15th March and I sincerely hope you DO NOT take part in it so that I have a higher chance of winning.

What do you think of these book clutches? Any favourite title that you would like to flaunt?

书本手拿包这潮流风吹得许久。看每个女生打扮得漂漂亮亮地,手上一提着一本像书本一样的小箱包,气质马上变得更高贵,更文绉绉。首创这类书本手拿包的设计师,应该是来自法国的Olympia Le-Tan。每本设计都是亲手缝制,一针一线,细节一点也不马虎。也因为这样耗时的制作过程,每本设计都是限量版,售价高达1000英镑。即使市面上已出现其他较平价的书本包选择,个个的细节都不如Olympia Le-Tan的作品。最近,Olympia Le-Tan与兰寇合作,推出100件限量Rouge in Love手拿包。兰寇新加坡将送出仅有的一件手拿包,详情可参阅Lancôme Singapore面簿网页。本人也参与了一份,希望能够如愿获得这稀有的作品,大家就让一让我吧!

Image credit: Justjared, Olympia Le-Tan, Net-a-porter, Taryncoxwife, All-theprettybirds, Lancome, Vogue

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