shu uemura has launched some interesting products this Spring/Summer season. The first is the Unmask Eye Shadow Palette, which I received in Green. There are also Blue and Pink versions available on sale. Next, there are also two new face products – the POREraser and Dual Fit Pressed Powder.


(from left) Dual Fit Pressed Powder (S$50), POREraser (S$60) and Unmask Palette in Green (S$98)

Unmask Eye Shadow Palette


I love the cover of the Unmask palette. Very sweet and dream-like, totally befitting of the theme that shu uemura’s makeup artist Yuji Asano aimed to create.


I received the Green palette, which consists of a beige colour (can be used as highlighter and concealer), pastel green and bright green shades, brown and pale yellow colours. All the colours are matte and quite pigmented.


The only green shades that I use often are olive green or moss colours, which tend towards the neutrals. True to my 2013 resolution, this is the first time that I tried on a brighter candy green combination.


A closer look at the eye colours, what do you think?

I like the matte shades and the smooth and easy application. This is a fun palette to have for you to vary your looks – you could get a pop of green, or go for a more subdued and feminine look with the pastel green and yellow colours. However, it is definitely not a palette that I would use very often because I am more used to neutral colours. If you like non-shimmery eye shadows and prefer something more wearable, I would recommend the Unmask palette in Pink.

The limited edition Unmask eye shadow palette (S$98) is available on sale at shu uemura counters.



The POREraser is an extension to the successful BB mousse product series. This is a primer mousse product that promises to minimise pores before you apply your foundation.

  • Packed with SPF 35 PA +++, you can just apply the POREraser after moisturizer and skip the sunblock. For best application, shu uemura recommends using the pentagon sponge.
  • There are two shades available – beige and pink. I have the beige one but the mousse looks like a milky cream colour, reminiscent of the foam on a cup of cappucino (ahh..).
  • This is a very lightweight primer product which indeed helps to create a “pore-less” look. The pores at the side of my nose, as well as on my nose were nary visible. I enjoyed the light texture and my makeup looked pristine for a decent amount of time.
  • If you are a user of the BB mousse or mousse foundation, please note that unlike the previous products, the POREraser does not offer much coverage.

Dual-Fit Pressed Powder


On the other hand, the Dual-Fit Pressed Powder is a face powder with sheer or no coverage. There are the two parts – a silky moisture powder that prevents dryness (preferably for our U zone) and an anti-shine powder that absorbs sebum and prevent shine (preferably for our T zone).

  • My favourite part of the product is its beautifully-designed compact case. Separated into 2 layers, the top layer houses an angled brush, while the bottom layer contains the powder. The packaging is very slim and sleek, perfect for carrying in the bag.
  • The powder applies quite smoothly and there is little streaking.
  • My T-zone did look less oily than usual with the anti-shine powder.

The POREraser and Dual-Fit Pressed Powder will be available from 15 February onwards, and are priced at S$60 and S$50 respectively.

This year also marks shu uemura’s 30th anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, the prices of several products have been reduced in Singapore. Perhaps every brand should do a promotion like this for their anniversary celebrations.

植村秀一开年,便推出了一系列的新品。除了春季梦幻彩妆系列,该品牌在2月15日也将推出能够掩盖毛孔的POREraser泡沫底霜,以及既能保湿又能控油的Dual-Fit Pressed Powder化妆粉。此外,今年是植村秀创立30周年,为了庆祝这里程碑,一些产品在新加坡的价格将稍微下降。相信这对喜爱这品牌的拥护者来说,无疑是项好消息!

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