In case you haven’t noticed, the retro revival trend is hitting us fast and furious this season. Poofy hair, red lips, bright florals and wearable silhouette. It’s easily said and can be easily done.  Quod erat demonstrandum.



Mod dress and gingham are essentials of the 60s! These 2 outfits above are from the upcoming Banana Republic “Mad Men” collection, that is designed in collaboration with the popular TV drama set in the era of course. The easiest way to embrace the 60s trend is simply to refer to this collection and their looks.


Psychedelic prints and bright colours, another characteristic of that era. Banana Republic “Mad Men” Spring 2013 collection will be available in Singapore at Paragon and Marina Bay Sands from 15 March 2013.


If you are headed to the beach and would like to look like a 60s pin-up girl, try wearing a maillot or a high waisted swimsuit complete with vintage floral prints.



The latest Seafolly Preview 2013 collection consists of such beautiful prints for swimwear in consummate cuts to flatter any body shape. This collection will hit stores progressively from March to June 2013.


If you think of the 60s mod look, the makeup is usually focused on the eyes – therefore thick winged eyeliner and a good mascara to emphasise the luscious lashes are a must-have.


Lancôme recently launched a new Hypnôse Star mascara, which promises to create vintage glamorous eyes with their innovative brush with a flat and oblique side. The new enhanced wand from Hypnôse Star is perfect especially for ladies with short and stubborn lashes.


This mascara does well in lengthening  and is long-lasting without weighing down on the lashes. Lancôme Hypnôse Star mascara retails at S$50 a pop.

60年代复古风今年春夏季吹得如火如荼,想要拥护这潮流趋势其实不难。最近各家品牌新品都趋向60年代造型,例如Banana Republic为电视剧Mad Men所推出的特别服装系列,女装当中的A型连衣裙,以及大而亮丽的复古图案,都是那年代的象征。除此之外,了来自澳洲的Seafolly也推出复古印花图案的泳衣,兰寇则发行新的Hypnôse Star睫毛膏,让您能够划出60年代盛行的黑而浓密的大眼妆。

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