Imagine life with 30 shades of eye colours to choose from. Assuming that each eye look takes about 3 shades, that would give you more than 4,000 looks  – about 4,060 to be exact.

So, try to imagine the fluttering heartbeat of the makeup aficionados when they see all the irresistible colours of the new Colour Crush Eye Shadows from The Body Shop.


I have created 2 different looks from the range – which means I have 4,058 more to go.



This is a office-ready look using shades 110 (Sand by Me), 220 (Chocolate Linger) and 415 (Midnight Flirt).



The second look is more vibrant, suitable for weekends. This look is created using 101 (Golden Girl), 115 (Be my Clementine) and 305 (Berry Cute).

Overall, I am impressed by how easy it is to apply the Colour Crush eyeshadows. The products are finely milled and pigmented. You could layer on as much as you desire and it is easy to blend with other colours. Each eyeshadow is made with crushed pigments in Italy and is coated with a silky blend of Community Fair Trade oils.

The tiny pot of colours are not only travel-friendly, but you could use your imagination to create the wildest combinations you can think of.

Each mono eyeshadow retails for S$19.90 and will be available at The Body Shop stores from 21st March 2013.

So, which is your favourite shades or combos? Give me some inspirations!

热爱彩妆的女生们看到以上30种不同色泽的眼影一定大声尖叫。这么多不同的色彩,可创造多少别具一格的妆容呀!The Body Shop今年春夏季推出Colour Crush眼影,让大家能够发挥想象力,设计不同颜色的眼影。这产品的质地相当不错,颜色突出,抹在眼皮上,看起来相当柔顺,丝毫没有一点粗糙感。每个颜色售价仅S$19.90,可乘机入手几种不一样的颜色,让自己的双眸更亮更精彩。

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