Make a guess – whose Spring Summer collection is this? A hint – it’s British.


I doubt more pictures would help you arrive the answer. Ready for the revelation?

It’s Marks and Spencer!


Don’t you think that their clothing range feels rejuvenated? The brand used to be associated with the matured age group but clearly, this Spring Summer collection is trying to extend their consumer target to a younger group of women.



Marks and Spencer recently released its fourth quarter sales figures and clothing sales registered a slump. Critics warned that the retailer’s strategy has gone wrong, with many young shoppers still considering M&S unfashionable, while women over the age of 40 – who were supposedly the key target audience, question the style and quality of its clothes. Fashion consultant Karen Kay commented, “Where M&S has gone wrong is that they have tried to be all things to all people. But they should forget about 20, 30 or  40-something women. It is 50-plus women they need to target.” (Source)


What are your thoughts after viewing the pictures from their latest look book – and after reading the news from the UK?


I personally applaud this younger, brighter collection and would feel compelled to check out the apparel stocked at M&S stores here. Prices range from S$59 to S$309.

What about you? Do you welcome this change, or do you think M&S should stick to their old positioning?

Marks & Spencer今年春夏季服饰令人惊艳,完全摆脱以往成熟稳重的风格。然而,这家公司去年的服饰销售额不尽理想,分析师认为品牌服饰系列的策略出了问题。与其针对年轻女性,不如保持以往策略,继续经营40-50岁以上的消费者。 大家看过这系列的Lookbook,了解外界对公司走势的批评,有何见解?身为较年轻的族群,您会看上这系列的服饰吗?

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