I had the opportunity to preview Montblanc‘s new watches and jewellery collection and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the following.


It’s a men’s watch, by the name of Montblanc Star Quantième Complet.

To backtrack a bit, I attended a luxury marketing forum recently, where avid and renowned watch collector Dr Bernard Cheong was one of the speakers. This expert said that to be a collector or an investor – after all, watches can be seen as portable assets – you should do your research but make the purchase because you genuinely like it, rather than for its perceived investment value. For the record, Dr Cheong also made money from investing in innovative but obscure brands, which later became mainstream and appreciated in value.

I am not into watch collecting or investing for now. But I am on a lookout for a timeless piece, perhaps a little heirloom that I can pass on to my loved ones in future.

Which brings me back to the Montblanc Star Quantième Complet.


An elegant and classic wristwatch with a 18k red gold case, it not only tells the time, date and day, but also the moon phase display (i.e. how the moon looks like on different days). It has a diameter of 42mm, the watch can also be wound manually via the large onion crown. I find the clean and simple look, coupled with the rose gold and brown alligator strap irresistable.

Tempted? At least there is still time to think about it rationally. This watch will only be available starting from August 2013.

之前预览了万宝龙即将面世的手表以及首饰系列,对其中一款玫瑰金的男装手表情有独钟。女生戴男装手表,能登上大雅之堂吗?  但是其简单高贵的设计应该也适合女性佩戴。 大家有任何意见吗?若有些心动,我们还有好几个月可慢慢斟酌,毕竟,这支Star Quantième Complet手表今年8月才面世。

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