I can’t decide whether I am a matte or gloss girl – I am referring to the lips, by the way. And I can’t quite tell whether matte or glossy lips are in the vogue this Spring Summer.

Dior clearly thinks that the latter is the way to go, given that they had reformulated their iconic Dior Addict Gloss and launched 24 new colours all together!


(from left) 553 Princess, 216 Beige Songe, 433 Delice

The new formula in the Dior Addict Gloss boasts a gel treatment formula, enriched with spheres of hyaluronic acid, plumps and hydrates for an even more intense, full-lipped effect. In addition to that, the lip glosses are available in 3 different finishes: Shimmer (with a glittery effect), Pearly (with extremely fine mother-of-pearl for a pearlised look) and Pure (with a pigmented, milky appearance).


3 glosses in different finishes – Shimmer, Pure and Pearly.

Aside from 216 Beige Songe, the colours from the other 2 glosses do not look as pigmented as it seems. Nonetheless, the shimmery and pearlized finishes add a different level of dimension to the lips and I could either wear them naked, or dab over a matte lip colour. The formula was glossy and plumping, but not too thick or sticky.

Meanwhile, here are 3 tips on how to apply lip glosses. I hope it helps us use our products more efficiently!

  • Apply the lip balms at least one hour before using a lip gloss. This will not only keep the lips well moisturized and hydrated,  the lip gloss will also last longer.
  • Apply the first coat of lip gloss to both the lips and apply the second coat to the center of your lower lip only. This will give you an attractive pout.
  • After applying the lip gloss, dust light coat of face powder over it and blot the lips with a tissue. This helps to prevent melting and smudging of the gloss and make it more long-lasting.

The Dior Addict Gloss retails at S$44 each.

闪亮亮的唇蜜一向非常吸引人。Dior今年春夏季,一口气便推出了24种新Dior Addict唇蜜颜色,让大家不知如何下手。除了24个新颜色让大家蠢蠢欲动以外,色泽方面也分为3种效果- Shimmer, Pure 以及 Pearly,迎合各种不同喜好。值得一提的是,Dior Addict唇蜜的配方有了更新,能够更滋润双唇,没有一般唇蜜那种厚重干燥的效果。

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