To: My Dear Colleague.

I know you are racking your brains about what to get for your wife’s birthday. Seriously, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is to bring her to Longchamp pop-up store at Paragon Shopping Centre Atrium 2 and let her design her very own Le Pliage.


What makes it even more special is that this personalisation service runs for a limited time only. The Longchamp Sur Mesure collection will be available exclusively at Paragon till May 25th.

Be prepared to hang around the store for a longer while though, for your wife would be spoilt for choices. For a start, there are a total of 6 sizes – from coin purse to the largest handbag size – to consider. Then, she needs to determine the handle size she wants.

The next step would require a lot of patience because she will need to spend some time deliberating over 15 shades for the bag’s main colour, followed by the colour of the strip in the middle. I have calculated, that is a grand total of 225 combinations she could choose from. To make your life a little easier, I suggest she could shortlist a few colour options first by fiddling with the Sur Mesure site from Longchamp US.


She could even decide the colour of the hardware – gold, bronze or nickel. To make her Le Pliage even more unique, she should add embossing or embroidery – perhaps she would select both your initials to commemorate this lovely gesture?

This sweet present would definitely fit your budget, although I’m fully aware that you earn more than me and can afford to buy her the sun and the moon. Prices range from S$78 to S$268 depending on the size of the bag, while embossing and embroidery cost an additional S$12 and S$24 respectively.

Now that I have shared this great idea with you – saving both your back and your wallet – may I ask when are you going to buy me coffee AND lunch? I know a great Japanese restaurant near the office.

Oh – before I forget, the waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks, because each bag is lovingly handmade in France.

Your helpful colleague

若朋友或爱人的生日即将到来,您正愁着该送什么礼物,不妨让她自己设计Longchamp Le Pliage 折叠水饺包。除了有6种款式,还有15种颜色选择,除了底色,包包正中央能够缝上不同的颜色。此外还能在翻盖或帆布上加上自己的名字。价格介于78至268新元,制作过程需要6至8个星期。Longchamp Sur Mesure特制水饺包可在新加坡乌节路百利宫店订购,这项限期服务将于5月24日结束。

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