I was going through my makeup collection, which has evidently ballooned over the last few years due to my alternative blogging “career”. I found possibly one of my oldest makeup items- a grand 8-year old – and I thought it would be fun to share little stories behind some of the cosmetics I own.


So, this post will be about my current blush collection. I believe I had more blush powders in my stash originally but I guess I had either finished a couple of the products and placed some of them in my office pouch or travel bag.



The Benefit Dandelion Face Powder in my makeup cabinet is now 8 years old while the 10 duo is about 6 years old.

I bought the Benefit Dandelion on my first trip to the San Francisco. Back then, I was so excited about my first trip to the US of A that I searched widely on what to buy and where to shop. It was during the era where Cozycot was my holy grail for such information and the ladies highly recommended that I get the Dandelion because Benefit had not set up shop in Singapore.

The Dandelion was a staple in my makeup routine for many years. During my younger days, I often head out without any makeup except the Dandelion to look refreshed and glowy.

10, on the other hand, was a little bit of a “miss” for me. I bought it when I visited East Coast of US 2 years later and made the purchase simply because it was one of the latest and highly-raved launches. The powder was unfortunately too shimmery for me but I used it occasionally as a highlighter or bronzer.

Benetint was part of this lineup too but that bottle has long been used up by yours truly.



My current day-to-day blushes are the Clarins Barocco Face Palette and NARS Orgasm Blush.

I wear only light makeup to the office and I love the peachy flush on my cheek when I dust the Clarins Barocco Face Palette. It gives me a healthy glow almost instantly. Imagine the number of days that it had saved me from looking like a zombie due to lack of sleep! As you can see, I have been using this for a long time such that the exquisite scroll pattern has been permanently defaced. This was a limited edition item during the festive season in 2010 and Clarins has since scaled back on the range of makeup available in Singapore.

NARS Orgasm blush requires no introduction. This was probably the first product I knew of when I got to know the brand. As much as I love the “Orgasm”, I’m already thinking of which other colours to try once I have finished up this blush.



These are the prettiest blushes I have in my collection – Lancôme Moonlight Rose Blush Highlighter,  The Body Shop Shimmer Palette from Limited Edition By Leona Lewis (S$39.90), Diorblush Cherie Bow Edition (S$68) and Shiseido 150th Anniversary Camellia Compact.

These are all relatively new in my stash and I do not have the heart to destroy their beautiful embossings yet. Oh my, the cruelty! So far, I have worn them a couple of times with cautious swipes from the makeup brushes.


The Shiseido Camellia Compact is the most used item of the lot because I enjoy the strong colour payoff and this exquisite palette truly packs a punch – highlighter, cheek blush and highlighter all in one! Incidentally, Shiseido is one of the first few makeup brands I interacted with when the blog first started. How many of you still remember me in this makeover?



I usually carry a Fancl cheek palette in my travel pouch with a small brush (those that comes together with your palette). That has expired, since Fancl’s products have shorter lifespan due to its “mutenka” (preservative-free) formula.

Nonetheless, for my next trip, I will be carrying the new Maquillage True Cheek (S$56) with me. This blush comes in a compact tube packaging, with a dense powder brush made of horsehair. Just by twisting the cap (which holds the brush), the bristles will pick up the blush powder. Ingenious!


I realise that I do not have many cream blush currently – except for the NARS Multiple (Undress Me), which works more as a highlighter than a blush. I used to own one cream blush from another brand but that didn’t keep well and it eventually grew moldy. Nonetheless, I received a new cream-base item from a brand recently and will definitely report back if it works well for me!

眼前的化妆品越积越多,但是当中有些成旧的产品仍舍不得丢弃。化妆品品牌与颜色种类繁多,在购买之前一定有一些小故事或回忆。本人这次介绍自己的腮红“珍藏”。Benefit Dandelion是当中“元老级”人马,在我8年前第一次到美国旅游时购买的。用了好几年,已经见底了,依然保留在化妆箱的某个位置。您的化妆品当中,又有怎么样的故事?说来听听。

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