A new launch for Spring 2013, my first thought when I tried on the NARS Satin Lip Pencil was, “Whoa, it glides! How smooth!”

With a fat round tip, this feels like lip crayon, or a hybrid between the traditional lip pencil and a lip stick. It doesn’t shape the lips in an extremely precise manner – some of us like our cupid’s crown shaped to the specific millimetres – but the product applies and spreads well on the lips, literally like satin. The texture is also lightweight, creamy and moisturising.

I had a lot of fun with the colours – I received Palais Royal, Golshan and Floralies. I am most bowled over by Floralies, a light apricot shade which blends into my skin tone and potentially allows me to play with crazy make-up colour combinations.


The intriguing characteristic of the Satin Lip Pencil, is that it is good to go on its own. I don’t see myself using this as a base under other lip colours – that would be a waste because the NARS shades are amazingly fun. All 3 shades lasted well against my lips. I wore Floralies out, expecting to touch up after food and drinks but the colour surprisingly held up for the rest of the night.

I don’t think my ugly lips did much justice to this lovely product – but please at least check them out, will you? Each costs S$37, available at Tangs Orchard.

Do spend the next 9 minutes watching these two videos below to see the 12 shades of Satin come to life. Have fun!

NARS已经逐渐俘虏我的芳心了。今年春季的新品,一个接着一个,样样都是我非常喜欢,而且天天都在使用的。最新出炉的Satin Lip Pencil,结合唇笔以及唇膏的特质,一搽在双唇,感觉是柔软轻盈的,真是物如其名,质感简直与Satin布料一模一样。颜色选择很多,非常好玩,让人一时之间不知该选哪种颜色。春夏季的莅临,代表更加缤纷的唇彩。乘新季节的到来,把它当作入手这新品的理由吧!每支Satin Lip Pencil售价为37新元。

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