Floral jeans: Courtesy of DKNY Jeans | Tank top: Airism Bra Top from Uniqlo | Jacket: H&M | Sunglasses: Vogue | Shoes: Tod’s | Bangles: H&M

Words can’t describe how much I love this pair of printed jeans from DKNY Jeans SS2013 collection. It fits me like a glove; it makes assembling an outfit extremely easy – for something simple, just go with black or white; it is extremely versatile – you could go either casual or sophisticated with it.


Another worthy mention is the Airism bra-top from Uniqlo. Made of silky fabric, this variant is padded, stretchy and comfortable. Apparently it also has a heat release feature. I have tonnes of bra tops from Uniqlo to go with my jackets. But this Airism collection is preferable than the usual cotton version due to its lightweight and stretchable fabric, totally perfect for the warm weather ahead!


I guess you would see me wandering about in these two items all summer. You have been warned.

本人身穿得花卉图案牛仔裤,是个人最近非常喜欢的服饰之一。配搭方面非常简单,以简单的黑或白,可衬托春季盎然的感觉。来自DKNY Jeans最新春夏季系列,这件牛仔裤剪裁非常服帖,有修身效果。

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