One thing that made this year’s AFF special for me was the backstage access, made possible thanks to NARS and Mercury. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the glamorous runway and how much time is required to put together that 15-minute showcase?


David Scheffen from NARS started working on the makeup for Peter Pilotto show, while the other NARS makeup artists observed.


The NARS makeup artists asked David a lot of questions while he was doing the demo. Very interactive session.


Meanwhile, this is how the makeup corners looked like. It’s war-zone but also makeup aficionados’ kind of heaven.


Meanwhile, the racks were neatly arranged with gowns for Ashley Isham’s show and photos of what the models will be wearing.


Fast forward time, this was probably an hour before the Peter Pilotto show. Some models were walking for both Ashley Isham’s show and the next one. They had to get their makeup and hairstyle completely changed.


The power ponytail – Peter Pilotto runway version. This is not created using a bungee, but just a thin black cord and hairpins.  For easy DIY, refer to my old video here.


Meanwhile, the designer Peter Pilotto himself is running around checking the models’ makeup and making sure the dresses are ready for the show. Note: the models have not changed into the runway outfits yet.


The semi-complete look. There is one missing touch to the overall look – the eye shadow was supposed to have a glossy finish. However due to the humid weather in Singapore, the lip gloss can only be applied to the eye lids of the models just before the show begins.


Another frenzy – now at the changing area. The models are getting changed into the lovely Peter Pilotto collection.


Peter Pilotto checking on the models outfit. He is very specific on the details, I tell ya.


David from NARS applying the lip gloss on the eye lids of the models.


Final touch-ups.


We caught a preview of one of the runway looks up close! Don’t you love the prints and the structural design of this dress?


The models are all lined up for final inspection. Makeup artists running around adding the final touches. The show is ready to start soon.

5-4-3-2-1. Action!

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