Some of you might be wondering what we actually do at the AFF event. In a nutshell, it’s a lot of schmoozing and waiting.

Once you have collected your tickets, you could hang around outside the tent, take some pictures, hope to get spotted by some style photographers or get inside the tent and wait around the lounge area. I always prefer to get into the lounge because it is air-conditioned!


You could admire at beautiful people and celebrities.


The lighting inside is always a deep shade of magenta to get you in the fashion party mode. I am always hungry by the time I reach the event ground, so I will gorge on the Magnum ice-cream and San Pellegrino drinks at the lounge – very unglamorous!


Chit-chat with the official photographers and hope that they will snap your photo for Lifestyle Asia or other event galleries or publications…


Check out the pretty ride.


Chat with friends (such as Dinie from OneSixtyNotepad) who are working at the event. They are identified by the green AFF badge. They usually look super stylish and interesting backstage insights to share.


Once you are allowed to take your seats, the next thing to do is to check out the people sitting at the front row. Eg. Dick Lee.

Choy and her daughter were front-row guests too.


While waiting for the show to start, cam-whore.


Try to snap a photo of the celebrities. Like Fann Wong, who was mobbed by journos after the show!


After the show, exit the tent with every other fashionable being. Hang around the tent area and wait for the next show to start. Repeat the cycle.

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