Thanks to the invitation from Dior, I had the opportunity recently to get a little makeover from Galvin Lin, Dior Pro-Team Makeup Artist from Shanghai.


The makeover was at the Dior Addict pop-up booth in Paragon Atrium.


Galvin gave me a simple, natural makeup look which allowed my eyes to look more deep set, without having to use false lashes. I also took the opportunity to learn some tips from him.

1. To conceal dark eye circles effectively, apply some concealer or foundation that is of your skin tone at the under eye area first. Then, pat gently a concealer of lighter shade. Many ladies apply the lighter shade directly on the eye and that makes their makeup look more patchy and less natural. You could extend the concealer or highlighter to the outer tip of the eye to create a subtle lifting effect.

2. A highlighter like Dior Skinflash is a girl’s best friend. It not only concealers dark eye circles, but also serves as a highlighter. You could apply it on your nose bridge to create the illusion of a sharper nose, or use it on your brow bone. It is the best item to have on your touch up kit. You could use it to remove the “laugh lines” formed on your cheeks from wearing the foundation.



Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen

3. To create deep set eyes, apply the darker shade of the eyeshadow palette on the outer corners of the eye. Draw the eyeliner with a winged tip, but make sure that the “tail” extends slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye. On the lower lash line, darken the outer corner of the line with both the darker eye shadow, followed by a little hint of the felt tip eyeliner to create the illusion of bigger eyes.


4. For warm and humid weather like Singapore, everyone should own a mattifying face powder that not only helps to set your makeup, but also brush off excess oil and allow your makeup to last longer.

Thanks Dior for this opportunity and of course, Galvin for your patience and tips! 很高兴能够认识你!

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