In all honesty, having had the privilege to experience Maquillage products for several years, my impression with this Japanese makeup brand is : Not bad, well catered for Asian faces.  I love their glossy rouges and always carry an eye shadow palette from the brand when I am travelling as their colours are neutral but flattering. Nonetheless, my liking towards Maquillage had never been strong or intense.

This feeling has changed though, for I am truly in love with their latest products.


The True Eye Shadow Palette is not new, so are the Essence Glamorous Rouge in OR292 and BE790.

Perfect Multi Base BB (S$62) and True Powdery UV Foundation (S$85)

I would like to put these two products together because in my opinion, they are like a match made in heaven. I could achieve a smooth, almost poreless finish when using these items together.

The Perfect Multi Base BB cream is a good primer which helps to even out your skin tone and brighten your complexion, as well as minimise pores. However, this product does not offer much coverage.

Once you apply True Powdery UV Foundation over the BB cream (and concealer), the effect is matte, but smooth and flawless. I find that using the dense flat brush for the foundation could cause my face to a wee cakey under harsh lighting. As such, I usually use a fluffy powder brush for a natural finish.

I was thrilled by how long the makeup could last. Unlike most powder products, I didn’t have to blot often and at most look dewy at the end of the day, which was a good kind of effect. This could be attributed to the new micro coating manufacturing method in the True Powdery UV. This technology improves wearability by coating powder with an oil which barely melts with the sebum.

The BB Cream contain SPF 30 PA++ while the foundation has SPF 25 PA++. If you are a fan of foundation compact, you need to get these 2 products together and be impressed the effect they can achieve together.


True Cheek Colour – RD321 (S$56)

I have mentioned about this nifty blush product recently. I am impressed by the product design – incorporating a dense brush in a tube embedded with powder. This makes it so easy to achieve defined cheeks on the go without having to use tiny or substandard brush that usually comes with the palette. A tip from the makeup artist is to be bold with the swipes on the cheek. The blush looks subtle with one swipe, so I usually twist the brush 3 times to pick up more powder that could achieve a more rosy effect.

This product is available in 2 shades. RD321 is a coral shade while the other shade is a pink hue.


Makeup look with Essence Glamorous Rouge RD396.

Essence Glamorous Rouge (S$43)

I have blogged about this product when it first launched. It is a great colour gloss which is not too sticky or drying. The doe-foot applicator makes it easy to wear – apply a first coat to set the colour, pause for a minute before you seal the colour with a glossy finish by applying a second coat.

This year, Maquillage added 4 new shades to the product range – RD396 and RS599 are two of them. RS396 (as featured above) is a natural nude rose shade that is very flattering and perfect for everyday wear.


RS599, on the other hand is a slightly darker pink shade. The interesting thing about the Essence Glamorous Rouge is that it blends very well to your natural lip colour. I redisovered my old stash – OR292 (a bright coral color) and BE790 and blimey, it is love at second sight (not sure what happened during the first time) for BE790.



I am so glad to rediscover the BE790. I know all the 4 shades that I have showcased look closely similar, but this one has a more toned down brownish hue. I have been madly stocking up on nude/beige lip colours recently – it’s a phase – so I expect this to be one of my staples for a while.

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