Over the weekend, I visited Uniqlo’s UT pop-up event located at 72-13 along Mohd Sultan Road. The pop-up ended on Sunday, but I really wanted to give you a heads up on the lovely UTs (Uniqlo t-shirts) that are on sale, or will be available in stores soon.


Loads and loads of UTs!



Back to the UTs to look out for, I have rounded up some ladies’ designs that I really like.

UT x Andy Warhol


The Andy Warhol range has t-shirts for men and women. The range is available in stores currently.

UT x e.m. Happy Project


e.m. is a Japanese jewellery designer. Their t-shirts are full of whimsical images of gemstones and jewellery. Cuteness!

UT x Lulu Guinness


One of my favourite collections here. There aren’t many designs in the Lulu Guinness series but all the UTs are so adorable that it is hard for one to make up her mind on the pieces to bag. In fact, word has it that many of the popular sizes for the Lulu Guinness collection were sold out at the pop-up store. The collection has not hit the stores yet – but keep your eyes peeled!

UT x Karen Walker


Another of my favourites – Karen Walker collection. Well-known for her bright and cheery designs – especially her whimsical eyewear – the UTs here are interestingly feminine. A few of them have frilly hem line, a welcomed addition if you ask me.

UT x Celia Birtwell


Celia Birtwell is an established British textile designer. Naturally, her UTs are adorned with prints that are reminiscent of her textile designs. Her UTs are very contemporary yet timeless. I expect that this range will be popular amongst all age groups.

Each UT only costs S$24.90. So do pop by a Uniqlo store near you and check out the UT section from time to time. The upcoming collections especially are value for money and totally worth bagging.

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