I receive questions about blogging from readers and friends a lot, and I thought it would be fun to share my views here too. I would also like to hear your thoughts on the blogosphere, and how you think the whole scene can improve.

MsGlitzy.com is in its 4th year now and it has been interesting to me to witness the change of perception towards bloggers. 4 years ago, most people I spoke to assumed that I have a day job. Today, most people are surprised when they find out that I am NOT a full-time blogger.

I work in the finance industry, and blogging becomes a decent outlet for me to express some of my creative views about topics I enjoy.


1. You post quite regularly. How do you juggle your day job with blogging? 

It is hard for me to blog after work because I would be too tired by the end of the day. I could spend at least 2 hours on each posts – thinking of ideas, editing photos and drafting the content. As such, I usually blog over the weekends and schedule the posts evenly over the week.

Haha, to colleagues who are reading this: I have not once blogged during office hours! WordPress allows you to schedule the posts to be published at any time you fancy!

2. Do you think you have a double life – an office job and an alter-ego as a fashion blogger?

Perhaps! But I think the fact that I work in a corporate environment might allow me to reach out better to my readers. I am exactly like them! After work, I enjoy food, shopping and checking out latest trends and beauty products.

However, I did realised earlier on in my blogging “career” that I needed to prioritise well. I usually do not attend any press launches or events that occur during office hours and if work and blogging engagements were to clash, my job would be the priority.

3. How are you different from your competitors in the blogosphere?

Honestly, I think any appearance of success that MsGlitzy.com has achieved thus far has been rather modest. Admittedly, with a day job in tow, I have lesser time and resources to build the blog further or take up certain opportunities.

Nonetheless, I also feel that this position gives me more freedom to be selective with the brands and partners that I am working with. I have greater flexibility to decline an opportunity which may not be a good match to the blog since I do not rely on this outlet for sustainable income.

4. Do you think you will become a full-time blogger?

I don’t know for now. Perhaps in future. Nobody knows what lies ahead.

5. What do you not blog about?

There are actually a lot of areas within fashion/beauty realm that I do not blog about. For instance, aesthetics procedures or plastic surgeries. I am very selective when I blog about spa or beauty treatments because some of these beauty salons in Singapore do not stay in the market for long.

Nonetheless, I believe readers can drive what they want to read on MsGlitzy.com too – so please share with me what you would like to read about!

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