Secretly in love with someone? Perhaps it’s time to muster some courage and send a digital kiss his way.


Visit Burberry Kisses on your mobile phone and plant a smooch on your screen. The unique kiss recognition technology will capture your kiss and allow you to jazz it up with a delectable colour from Burberry Makeup. Include a sweet little message anddecide which city you would like to send it from. Imagine your kiss and message of love flying from Paris to Singapore. That’s some romantic 6,700 miles.

A tie-up between Burberry and Google, your boy would now see your love letter (sealed with your kiss, of course) flying from Eiffel Tower past the Parisian streets into the skies and before landing at the sunny seaside of Singapore. Coupled with your heartfelt words of declaration, how would he be able to decline such a grand gesture?

Stop deliberating. Go ahead and do the deed. (Shhh, check out mine here…)

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