This is a question that came from just before Mothers’ Day, but I hope that it will be relevant to all of you who may be shopping for you moms, mom-in-laws or if you have concerns about wrinkles and fine lines at the eye area.

“Which anti-wrinkle eye-cream would you recommend for my mom?” ~Turtle


1. Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (S$65 for 15ml)

Comprising of Copper PCA and caffeine, this eye cream is actually very lightweight and suitable for the delicate area around the eyes. I am not sure whether if it is due to caffeine, I did felt refreshed and more alert immediately after applying this eye cream.

A little goes a long way, I usually apply a small pea size at the eye area with my ring finger. Massage the cream such that it leaves little or no residue. The product gets absorbed quite easily and is effective in reducing puffiness. As for wrinkles and fine lines, I think it does help to manage the situation and the tiny lines under my eyes are looking less pronounced for now.



2. La Mer – The Eye Concentrate (S$295 for 15ml)

Price aside, I am personally a fan of The Eye Concentrate. The cool silver tip of the applicator helps to improve blood circulation at the eye area and allow the lightweight, non-greasy formula to be absorbed by the skin. This item is soothing and hydrating; overall it has been quite effective on me – being able to manage the puffiness, dark circles and wrinkle problems at the eye area.

If you would like to gift you mom something more luxurious and make her feel more pampered, you totally should get this for her.

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