I am not sure how long the hazy situation in Singapore is going to last but it sure looks a bit out of hand at the moment (for more information on the haze, read here). N95 face masks are flying off the shelves like hot cakes but seriously, they add nothing to the fashion quotient.

Given that most of us are getting holed up at home, we might as well utilise some creativity and “enhance” our own masks. Check out the photos below for fashion inspirations.


1. Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture AW 2012.

Protect your face from pollutants and look fashionably glitzy in the glimmering embellished face mask. It may seem crazy, but look at this way, it is now actually a functional accessory. It will jazz up your plain outfit in a jiffy!


2. Green Screen by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture. (image credit)

I think this looks like an extended nostrils, that help to trap all the dust particles using the grass patch as the outer layer. According to the designer of this fine invention, “the reusable face mask also acts as a miniature ecosystem for the embedded seeds. With every breath exhaled, carbon dioxide and moisture facilitate the germination and growth of the budding flora.” Splendid!


3. Alexander McQueen AW 2013 (image credit)

I think a transparent mask is a great idea. Our beautiful faces shouldn’t go into hiding because of the crazy haze. But vapour inside the mask, undesirable. Perhaps 3M could design a transparent N95 mask?


4. The Emergency Bra (Buy now at ebbra.com)

This is not a joke, a convertible bra that doubles up as a face mask. In case of emergency, the Emergency Bra can be quickly and easily converted into two face masks without removing any clothes. It helps to decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles in hazardous situations, and on other days, you can wear it as a normal bra. It is important to note that this design won the 2009 Ig Nobel Public Health Prize.

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