Girls, being girls, would more often than not, go weak in the knees at the sight of hot shoes. It’s the kind of irrational emotions that you can’t make out of – we wouldn’t care about how long we could walk in the stilettos, or if we have an outfit to match the colour of the shoes.

You just want to go grab a pair of that hot shoes. And Christian Louboutin, in my book, is the designer of such footwear, unleashing the inner “shoegal” moment in us. Some people might beg to differ, by commenting that the designs are a tad garish. But check out the current Fall Winter collection. The material used are more timeless and understated, colours are slightly muted to suit the season and the embellishments feel like icing on the cakes.











There are more elegant party shoes available in this collection, as well as androgynous loafers that were previously only available in the men’s collection. I especially like the interplay of different materials – suede, ponyhair and leather – in one single design. It is no wonder why Christian Louboutin ends up in my perennial shoe lust list.

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