Following the launch of Golden Jungle Nail Polish last year, Dior is releasing the Mystic Magnetics aka Magnetic Nail Polish for Fall/Winter 2013.



A shadowy blue nail laquer, the set comes with the 10ml nail polish and a magnet that is shaped almost like a stamper.


Apply one coat of the nail polish first. The colour looks really good on its own!


Wait for the first coat of nail polish to dry. Next, apply a fresh coat of colour and immediately hold the magnet very close to the nail. Timing is important or the pattern would not appear when the nail polish dries up. It is also essential to hold the magnet really close to get a distinctive wave pattern, but make sure that it doesn’t touch the nail or you would end up smudging the nail varnish. The pattern shows up pretty fast if the magnet is held close enough.


The Dior Vernis Mystic Metallics will be available at S$42 from 1 August 2013 at all Dior counters. 


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