As I have mentioned in one of my older posts, to maintain my curled hairdo, I need to go for a perm every 3 months. My mane has gone through digital perm on a quarterly basis, supplemented with hair treatment every 6 months as perming does have some not-so-good impact on the hair quality.

Today, I will be sharing my digital perm experience and the Caretrico Privy hair treatment from my hair sponsor, Shunji Matsuo.


Digital Perm (S$380 excluding cut and wash)

  • As the bottom half of my mane is still curled, Justin did a quick wash and cut (S$68) before prepping the hair for straightening.
  • The straightening process takes at least half hour, and I get to see my straight hair for a short, fleeting moment!
  • Next up, the hair are all partitioned and fitted with rollers. The cotton pads underneath the rollers are to protect my scalp from the heat of the treatment later on.
  • The rollers are connected to the machine and the perming starts. It can get a bit warm initially. This is different from the cold (Japanese) perm that doesn’t go through heat treatment.
  • After a wash and blow dry, the perm is completed. The whole process takes at least 3 hours.

Having experienced the Japanese perm and digital perm, I would compare that the Japanese perm is a faster process and costs lesser. However, I feel that I needed to spend a bit of time and effort with styling to achieve bouncy curls because there would be days when I woke up with almost straight hair. With digital perm, the curls are very resilient. Just a little bit of texturising spray and blow dry is all I need every morning before stepping out of the house.


My hairdo immediately after the salon visit (left) and a few days later (right).

Because perming does not do much good to the hair quality – for instance, you get tangles at the ends of the hair and drier bits – regular hair treatment is essential to keep the hair silky soft and moisturised. I have experienced a few different hair treatments and would highly recommend Shunji Matsuo’s Caretrico Privy Hair Treatment. This treatment made my hair smooth, tangle-free and a joy to touch. How I love running my fingers through the hair and do a little dramatic flick once in a while…

Caretrico Privy Treatment (S$150)


  •  The Caretrico Privy Treatment is a quick process – less than an hour – and involves three essential steps.
  • Step 1: Gently cleanse the scalp and hair to protect the hair from residual oxide, coat hair and avoid evaporation of moisture and stimulate blood flow.
  • Step 2: Nourish and repair the inside of the hair, moisturising the hair as a result.
  • Step 3: Hold nourishment and gives hair a shiny, silky texture. This airy finish provides a desirable, light texture for the hair. Imagine light, bouncy and airy curls!

I hope the above recommendations is helpful. I have been perming my hair since last July (only recently with Shunji Matsuo) and I understand how it can be such a time-consuming and costly process. However, I really vouch for regular hair treatments because they make a visible difference on the overall hair quality – which impacts the look and feel of the hairstyle too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way. All readers can enjoy 10% off chemical services (perm, straightening and colour) with Justin at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio (Ngee Ann City) when you quote “MsGlitzy” while booking the appointment.

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