The above art piece was created based on my brain waves. It is based on this “neuro technology” that gauges relaxation level via the EEG. The colour of the background and the types of icons are created based on your moods.

Known as “Break Art“, I had the chance to create this at a recent Kit Kat event. And boy, this is a wakeup call!


Based on the guide above, it’s apparent exactly how relaxed my mental state is right?

The key messages of this post are:

1. I am taking a break. I will be on holiday these two weeks and there isn’t any entry in the scheduled queue. Hopefully when I am back from vacation, the brain would be well rested!

2. If you are interested to find out more about Break Art by Kit Kat, check out their Facebook app here.

You could still follow my updates on Instagram and Facebook. I promise to post up some pretty pictures of Greece!

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