As I mentioned in my previous post, I experienced flare-up on my skin during my recent vacation in Greece. Those items that I brought with me were not solution for acne and I had to get something from stores there.

My first thought was Bioderma but unfortunately, local pharmacies did not stock up as much products from the brand as I wished and my next “port of call” was Avene. Avene is a French skincare range of products suitable for sensitive skin – and their prices are a lot more competitive in Europe as compared to Asia.



Products that I bought, other than the Eau Thermale spray: Cleanance K Cream-gel, TriAcneal Cream, Couvrance Concealer Brush

Cleanance K Cream-gel (S$25)

A light treatment gel that helps to eliminate blemishes, the Cleanance K Cream-gel contains 6% Glycolic Acid, 2% Lactic Acid, and 1% Salicylic Acid to exfoliate the skin. You could use this treatment gel at night, after your moisturizer.

As the gel is quite matte and lightweight, I used it in the day instead, before sunscreen and BB cream. It worked rather well, and was effective in preventing more zits from popping. I was cautious in application, only rubbing a pea-size amount between my palms before patting it onto my face. This works more as a “maintenance” solution for oily and acne-prone skin.

TriAcneal Cream (S$60)

I bought the Cleanance K Cream-gel first, hoping to control the acne problem that I was facing. However, the product was not strong enough to reduce the inflammation of existing zits. Therefore, I turned towards a stronger treatment solution instead – TriAcneal Cream.

This product contains Glycolic Acid, Retinal & Efectiose which are good for targeting acne, but should be used only for treating existing pimples. I read reviews about the cream and was cautious in the amount I applied on the pimples. The swelling disappeared almost over night and there was slight peeling drying on only one of the zits.

The huge tube of 30ml would last quite long given that I only use it once every night, in small quantity. It is effective yet gentle to the skin, when diminishing the inflammation of pimples, but I would admit that it is less effective in removing acne marks.

Couvrance Concealer Brush (S$ price unavailable)

My luggage was delayed and I did not have a single makeup item with me. The concealer is a necessity and thus, I went ahead to purchase the Couvrance Concealer Pen, which cost me 14.50 Euros and I don’t think this is available in Singapore.

I thought that this product was gentle enough for covering my blemishes, and it was quite long-lasting with acceptable smooth finish. If you have a huge zit that you need to cover up, but you are worried about the negative effects from any other concealers in the market, you could turn to this. But it is not a strong must-have, in my opinion.

Other products that I would like to try from Avene

The entire Avene skincare range is exhaustive that it takes a really long time to study them and understand what’s most suitable for our needs. The brand provides decent size samples – even in Singapore. I have turned to requesting for samples from the counter ladies shamelessly – before I decide whether I should purchase any more products from them.

Skin Recovery Cream (S$40)

This is a calming cream that helps to soothe irritations and strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin. I am slightly concerned that Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) is one of third ingredient in the list, although this product has received quite a number of raves online.

I managed to get a 5ml sample from John Little in Singapore and have tried this for a few days. It feels like a moisturizing gel, so I could use it in place of a moisturizer. There is no stinging, redness or break-out from using the cream so far.

Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream (S$50)

This was the product that I was thinking of, before I purchased the Cleanance K Cream Gel. It seems perfect as a day moisturizer, and its mattifying properties would be great as a makeup base. I would be curious how this compares with Bioderma Soothing Cream – which is my HG for day moisturizer.

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