I took part in one of the runs organised by PUMA Running Club last Thursday and boy, it was quite an experience!

Before I delve into the specifics, here’s an overview of my running style:

  • I am a lazy runner who doesn’t push myself hard enough. As such, I tend to lose discipline half way through the run.
  • I am pretty weak in terms of stamina, and have only been able to run 5km.


My co-worker and I tried our first session with the group last week.

Led by PUMA sponsored running club Team Runfanatics, a group of about 40 people sets off for a 3km or 6km run along Marina Bay every Thursday evening, gathering first at the PUMA store at Marina Square Shopping Centre.


PUMA loans out their latest running shoes –  Mobium Elite, BioWeb and Faas 600 shoes – for the participants so that you can try them out at the run. Each weekly training session will focus on running-specific program workouts, such as speed, circuit, strength and conditioning exercises. Members of the PUMA Running Club will also stand a chance to receive PUMA merchandises and store discounts after the run.


Pacer from Team Runfanatics led the group with warm-up exercises at the open space outside Marina Square shopping centre.

Here is a breakdown of my maiden experience.


  • There were many pacers in the group. You are less likely to slow down during the run in order to keep up with them, allowing you to train better.
  • The warm-up and cool-down exercises led by Team Runfanatics were helpful. I usually don’t do proper warm-up exercises before a run and now I realise how important this step is!
  • The group of runners in the club were young and friendly.


  • The programme tends to drag a bit due to the number of participants. We spent a lot of time waiting at the store getting our shoes, waiting for the other participants to come in. The warm-up started only at 7.45pm and run was completed at around 8.30-9pm.
  • This is not so much of a “dislike” but a point that I wanted to highlight – PUMA only provides 4 complimentary loans of shoes to each participants. It is compulsory to wear PUMA shoes when taking part in the Running Club. As such, you will eventually need to purchase a pair of shoes from them if you intend to participate in this weekly session. Nonetheless, you are entitled 20% discount at the Marina Square PUMA store after each session.


My verdict? I enjoy the more “disciplined” approach to running and will probably join in whenever I can. This training session is opened to public so all you need to do is to email your name, mobile number, shoe size (for shoe loan) to marketing.sg@puma.com by every Wednesday noon to register.

For more information on PUMA Running Club, please refer to this note on their Facebook group here.

PS: Please say “hi” if you spot me at the running session. 🙂

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