I believe some of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen the photo below before my vacation. These were some of the body and skincare essentials I packed for the 2-week trip.


With that, I have narrowed down 3 essential items that I used incessantly to battle the sweltering European summer.



1. Shiseido Perfect UV Protector (Very Water Resistant) – S$59 for 50 ml

I realised that a waterproof sunblock really helps a lot in battling with the unforgiving heat. At least, you do not need to top up on the sunscreen too often while traveling. This Shiseido sunblock adheres to the body well and you usually need to scrub well while showering to remove it. Other than its light texture, I appreciate that it could be used on the face too. I gave my face a “double protection” – one layer of sunblock and a second layer with Clarins Multi-Protection BB cream (S$74), that is loaded with SPF 40.

2. L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Body Milk

I bought a travel size of this body moisturiser while traveling in Provence last year. The Turkish rose scent feels both luxurious and soothing, while the product is lightweight and easily absorbed. I apply this moisturiser to my weather beaten body every night and I thought that this could be why my tanned skin still feels kind of supple after enduring the blistering sun in Greece.

3. Avene Eau Thermale – S$19.90 for 3 5oml bottles

Avene is cheaper in Europe and due to a skin flare-up, I bought a few products to remedy my acne situation while on the road – this is gonna be a post for another day. I carried a small bottle of the Thermal Spring Water in my handbag to spray on my face and body every now and then for hydration. As soon as you feel that your skin is feeling sun-burnt, spritz loads of this product and it provides a soothing cooling sensation. I also use it to set my makeup everyday.


Looking back at what I packed, I wished I put in a couple more SK-II Facial Treatment Masks and a tiny sunscreen spray. Also, I wished I threw in the nose packs (to unclog pores) and more blotting paper. These two items were not available at the pharmacies and beauty stores that I stepped foot in – the sales person that I approached had no clue what I was talking about!


I also carried a Jurlique Lip Care Balm, which not only moisturizes the lips, but also could be used on the cuticles. Let’s just say that I should have packed the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream instead.

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