Launched as a limited-edition offering in July this year, the full name of this special palette “Voulez-Vous Choucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir” literally means “Do you want to sleep with me tonight” in French.

By now, we are no stranger to the provocative names coming from NARS. Kudos to François Nars for making e us ladies articulate words like “Orgasm”, “G-Spot” or “Deep Throat” in a matter-of-fact manner without blushing.

I digressed. Apart from its attention-grabbing name, the Voulez-Vous palette is actually a really functional item that contains the essential colours – 4 eye shadows and 2 cheek blushes – that any girl would relish.


This palette was already on sale in Singapore during 4th July at S$68, and was an exclusive palette at Nordstrom and Selfridges.


The two blush colours – Deep Throat and Dolce Vita – are available as regular products too. As for the eye shadows, apart from Lhasa, the other 3 shades are limited-edition colours.


I applied “Deep Throat” on the left and “Dolce Vita” on the right. All 4 eye colours were from this palette while the lip colour is “Amsterdam” from NARS Pure Matte Lipstick.


This side shows a clearer view of the Dolce Vita cheek blush, which is a darker, dusty rose shade.


This side shows the Deep Throat blush, a sweet and sheer peach colour.

Here are some views on each shade:

Deep Throat Cheek Blush: This is a popular shade and seen as an alternative to Orgasm. It is quite sheer and has less shimmer, making it good for everyday wear.

Dolce Vita Cheek Blush: I like this colour a lot! It is a dusty brownish rose colour that is quite unique and is perfect for contouring. However, the colour is quite pigmented, so you need to be gentle when applying it on the cheeks.

Eye Colours: The four eye colours form a good combination on its own. Molokoi was a great base shade that is smooth and helped to highlight the brow bone area. I am also impressed by the unique lavender grey colour Lhasa, as well as the deep brown shimmery Ragoun – which is very pigmented and double up as an eye-liner. The shade that I am least happy with was Antananarivo, which didn’t show up so well amongst the shimmery colours.

By the time you are reading this, I believe this palette is probably sold out. Nonetheless, I am a great fan of neutrals and this whole frosty, neutral look is perfect for Fall season. Hopefully, my views on individual shades will help you better when you are doing your rounds at the NARS counter.

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