Perhaps you are thinking of what to do this week, or you need to kill time because your friend is late for dinner with you in town. Or simply you just want to do something without paying entrance fee.

There are two photo exhibitions happening at Paragon Shopping Centre this week that you could check out: agnès b. Snap Cardigan and Coach X Chen Man Photo Exhibitions.

1. agnès b. Snap Cardigan Photo Exhibition (5-14 September 2013)


This is the first stop of the global exhibition that celebrates the artistic spirit of agnès b and pays homage to the label’s iconic silhouette.


The exhibition showcases 70 photographs archived from over two decades of history where the snap cardigan plays muse to the lens of internationally renowned artists and photographers. There are also seven new works from Leslie Kee, Karena Lam, Royston Tan, Hong Kong visual artist Lam Wai Kit, Taiwanese songstress Cheer Chan and contemporary photographers Wang Ning De and Fisher Yu.


Leslie Kee was in town for the preview of this exhibition.


Karena Lam posed with her collaboration piece.

The agnès b. Snap Cardigan photo exhibition will travel to Taipei, Taiwan and then to Hong Kong, before concluding in Shanghai, China for its Asian leg. Thereafter, the exhibition will head to the United States of America, London  and Paris in 2014.

2. Coach x Chen Man Photo Exhibition (9-22 September 2013)


In conjunction with its Fall 2013 shoe collection, Coach collaborated with Chen Man, one of China’s most influential fashion photographers with a series of lifestyle images featuring this season’s footwear.


The series of photos showcase the  versatility of this new shoe collection, from the angle of “a day in the life of the elegant and effortlessly stylish Coach woman”. I love how the photos convey the energy and creativity that are so reflective of Coach as a quintessential New York brand.


Such a simple shot, but the lighting, the composition and the colours are just perfect.


Another playful shot with a glimpse of the skyline of New York.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to receive an exclusive gift from Coach Paragon when you upload a picture of your favorite pair of Coach shoes from the exhibition on Instagram using the hashtag #coachfromabove.

Have fun!

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