A while ago, I played a prank on my followers via Instagram and Facebook.


Hmm, got myself a teeny weeny tattoo over the weekend.. #star #rednails #diorvernis999#isthismidlifecrisis


The truth is out. I didn’t get inked. It was a temporary tattoo from Sephora’s Tattoo Me! pen.


It’s a self-inking stamper that we love to play as a kid. The “black ink” is reminiscent of liquid eyeliner so it is easily removed using makeup remover.


You can have as many tattoos as you wish!

I received it as part a goodie box from Sephora Singapore. I found out later that this Tattoo Me! pen was a limited edition release in July this year. Priced at about S$15, the item was available in 3 shapes – star, skull and anchor – and is already sold out at all Sephora stores.

Let’s hope that they will release something similar – hopefully with more designs – real soon! It is an inexpensive fun item to have!

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