Seriously, how cute are these shoes inspired by the yellow cabs in New York City? No prize for guessing the brand behind this quirky design!


Still can’t get over the humor and wit from Kate Spade this Fall. Wearing “Taxi” on your feet takes on a literal spin which is quite whimsical!


Other than the glamourous 4 1/2 inches heels named “Le Taxi” featured earlier on, there is also a comfortable flat version known as “GO Taxi“. Both designs boast the signature yellow hue of the NYC cab, and the checkerboard strip which appeared in older vehicles, as well as the prominent signage.



Image credit: Gracefulleemade and HelloKatieGirl

I love them, especially the pointy flats! They look comfortable and just great when paired with a casual blazer and jeans. Yes, I meant I would wear them to the office. What about you, what do you think?

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