Pipped as “liquid energy”, the new Treatment Lotion from La Mer is described as an “energy source” to prep your skin and help it renew and soften while you continue with the rest of your skincare regimen.


This could be a replacement to your usual toner, as you could apply after cleansing, before your serum and moisturizer.

Other than the legendary Miracle Broth, the Treatment Lotion contains “Scenedesmus” – a type of algae that was originally from the desert. Due to these extreme conditions this algae will lie dormant but can be revived with just a drop of water. T

The Treatment Lotion has a unique texture that is a cross between gel and liquid. It feels slightly richer than the usual toner but is very smooth and gets absorbed into the skin fast without leaving any residue. Suitable for day and night usage, I think this lotion has good hydrating properties and is suitable even for my oily combination skin.

I have been using the La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream for 2 years and it has been working well for my skin. With the Treatment Lotion, I feel that it helps to improve overall complexion – admittedly this could all be my own imagination – and given its slightly richer texture, I could sometimes afford to skip the serum or moisturizer in my regime. For those who have been interested to try La Mer skincare but find their prices daunting, you could consider trying the Treatment Lotion for a start to experience some advantages of the Miracle Broth before taking the plunge.

The Treatment Lotion is priced at S$165 for 150ml. 

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