In this increasingly complicated world, even applying a foundation is not so straightforward anymore. For a flawless finish, you could start from a makeup base or primer- oh and that’s after you have prepped your skin with your three or five steps skincare procedures – followed by BB or CC cream and/or liquid foundation and/or foundation compact and/or face powder.

Geesh! Before we think about the number of products we slap on our face, how many different types of foundation products do we have to deliberate and consider before we make the purchase?


So today, to make things complicated, I am going to discuss the Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream and the Maquillage True Liquid Moisture UV Foundation. I coined the latter as “FF” cream – which stands for “Flawless Foundation”. And yes, it’s just gonna get more mind-boggling after you finish reading this post. You have been warned!

Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream (S$65 for 30ml)

This is a lightweight BB cream with very sheer coverage, and the product gives the skin a very natural finish as well as supple look. As This is a perfect option for those who have great complexions and prefer very minimal makeup. Given that it is light and fluid, I would liken it to a CC cream (Color Corrector) or tinted moisturizer (given that it contains SPF 30), essentially products that leave your complexion glowing and dewy.

However, for those with blemishes and scars – the Shiseido BB cream would need to be used hand-in-hand with a good concealer (I recommend the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) or with a liquid or compact foundation that offers better coverage.

Maquillage True Liquid Moisture UV Foundation ($60 for 30ml, with sponge puff)

The Maquillage product is a moisturizing cream foundation. It is best used with the Maquillage Perfect Multi-base BB cream for longer makeup wear and better coverage. However, I feel that the foundation could be used on its own. Its texture is very lightweight, but covers blemishes well surprisingly. The product is also quite long-lasting and wears well even after a few hours.

Compared to other liquid foundation offerings in the market, Maquillage’s tube packaging is convenient and travel-friendly.

BB or FF?

As usual, it boils down to your needs and how you pair your makeup. I personally prefer products that give better coverage because I prefer to use my usual moisturizer with sunscreen before I apply BB cream or foundation. The Maquillage foundation would work better for me based on my habits. However if you are shopping for an enhanced base product, or if you intend to skip your moisturizer and sunscreen in your daily regime, the Shiseido BB cream would be a good option.

Confused? Didn’t I told you so?

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