Here we are, stuck in the eye of the festive season. With tonnes of occasions that warrant walking on heels and gyrating in short dresses, it’s time to get our killer legs party-ready! And therefore, I present a list of three solutions to brace your feet for the numerous shindigs.


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1. Coverderm Perfect Legs (S$60)

This is a waterproof concealer or foundation for your legs and body. Perfect for covering up scars, tattoos, veins and stretch marks to your legs picture-perfect. There are 9 shades available, so I would urge you to do a swatch and pick the right shade to avoid having “patchy” feet is you don’t get the colour right. The texture of the product is slightly thick with high amount of coverage. You could apply a base or moisturizer on your skin before applying this product to make it last longer.

Perfect Legs is also 100% waterproof and it keeps your legs flawless even if you jump into the water at a pool party! This product is available at John Little (Marina Square and Plaza Singapura).


2. Blistop from Dermal Therapy (S$11.90)

This unassuming tiny spray is pretty amazing at preventing blisters. It does so by enveloping your feet in an elastic, invisible veil. This film helps to lubricate your feet from the abrasion with the shoe’s material and prevent blisters from forming. It works! And Blistop is also tiny enough to carry in your purse for re-application – especially if you intend to hop from party to party in that pair of killer stilettos.

This product is available at Guardian, Sasa and Watsons outlets.


3. Shoes Accessories from Heels Diva

If you would like to create multiple “looks” for the same pair of classic black pumps you to vary your party looks, you could achieve that by getting some clips or accessories from Heels Diva. It works out to be more economical than buying different pairs of shoes, considering that a good quality pair of leather pumps could set you back by a few hundred dollars.

Depending on the materials, prices range from S$18.90 for a shoe clip to S$38.90 for a shoe chain. You could use the accessories on different shoes and for the clips, you could place them at different positions to create different looks. Perfect for the everyday shoegal.

You could shop at Heels Diva online, or at Sole 2 Sole (Millenia Walk) and Veil Boutique (Marina Bay Link Mall).

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