It is easy to understand why NARS Eye Paints could look intimidating at first glance. The colors appear smooth and intense, resembling the gel eye liners. It provides a falsehood that no mistake could be tolerated while working on these cream eye shadows.

But as I have mentioned earlier, the intimidating front is just a misconception. These “Eye Paints” are surprisingly easy to apply and creates a cool smokey eye in no time!


How do you apply them? I could use my finger tips and dab on the eye lids, or use a blending brush. NARS recommend that you work these pots of “high-impact pigments in an innovative silky, weightless gel formula” with their angled eyeliner brush. Indeed, other than applying them on your eyelids, you could also use them as eyeliner!

From the four shades that I received from NARS, my favourite goes to “Snake Eyes” and “Tatar”. I fancy the mild shimmers in these two shades, making them great as an eye shadow and intriguing as a liner.

The colours are highly pigmented and saturated. Nonethess, for newbies who are unsure how to use such cream-based eye shadows, you could apply bit by bit. The shades are blendable, making them really easy to use.


I created this look with “Transvaal” and “Snake Eyes”. I also lined the water line with “Snake Eyes” shade, using an angled eyeliner brush.


Pair the colours with NARS Pro Prime Eye Shadow Base and they do stand the test of time on my oily eyelids. Definitely a fun product to have in your makeup collection!

NARS Eye Paints are available in 10 shades. Each pot is priced at S$40.

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