I visited MAAD Pyjamas event last weekend and came across this very unique jewellery collection by a Polish designer, Evelyn. Evelyn is the founder of independent jewellery label “Mother was Right“.


The Park Bench” is a series of necklaces featuring  miniatures of the characters we see sitting on park benches.


The miniatures are hand-painted, carefully assembled & enveloped in resin. They look quirky but very exquisite!



Each bench tells a different scene, inspired by Evelyn’s travels in different cities. I thought it was ingenious to be able to freeze a specific time and moment into a wearable piece like this!

A necklace from Mother was Right cost S$70 at MAAD, while it is priced at S$66.53 on Etsy.

MAAD (short for Market of Artists and Designers) is a platform for artists, designers, architects, craft makers etc to sell their wares and creative projects. It occurs on one Friday per month from 5pm to 12am at Red Dot Design Museum.

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