Indeed, this photo is reminiscent of one of the many taverns at Mykonos.. the stone walls, the dominant white and blue colours..

But don’t be fooled, this is in fact a newly opened restaurant at Quayside Isle in Sentosa Cove. Mykonos On The Bay may not face the Aegean Sea, but the waterfront view at Quayside Isle is pleasing and relaxing too.


The key determinants of Greek cuisine are the distinctive Mediterranean flavours, as well as the freshness of the seafood. And I believe that would be hard replicate if the kitchen relies on ingredients sourced in Asia.


The Grilled and Marinated Octopus (S$21.90) was a pleasant surprise. First, octopus we have in Asia are not as huge and tender as those I have tried in Greece. I found out that the restaurant imported most of the seafood from Europe, and this is the secret to the tender and smooth texture of the tentacle. The rendition by Mykonos On The Bay is very close to those grilled octopus dishes that I have tasted in Greece.


To be honest, I have never ordered pita bread and dips during my holiday in Greece. The Dip Platter (S$27) from Mykonos On The Bay comprises of eggplant, fava, taramosalata spreads accompanied by freshly baked pita is delightful and goes very well as a pre-dinner snack. The dips have a Middle-Eastern flavour, as it is reminiscent of similar dishes I have tried at Turkish restaurants.


The Seafood Platter (S$89 for 2 person) is another highly recommended item in the menu. Most of the meat in Greek cuisine are either marinated or grilled, and the key to tasty grilled seafood, other than the timing, is the freshness of the ingredients. We enjoyed the octopus and sea bream the most. I remember when I was in Hydra, a tiny town in Greece, I ordered tuna at a tavern and the owner went to the sea immediately to buy some freshly-caught tuna from a merchant. The sea bream reminded me of this dining experience I enjoyed during my holiday.


For desserts, my favourite was the “Glyka koutaliou” (S$14.50), which is a mix of traditional spoon-desserts served over a Greek yogurt mousse and pistachio crumble. You can’t miss out Greek yoghurt and the dessert was light and not cloyingly sweet. Another must-try is the “Baklava” (S$15.90) – Greek “phyllo-pastry” roll with a bitter chocolate, orange zest and walnut filling, spiced with clove and cinnamon. This is an interesting dish as the flaky pastry tasted sweet and slightly spicy, but blended well with the ice-cream.

My verdict? Mykonos On The Bay is definitely a good place to chill out on a weekend. And this is probably as close to the Cyclades as we can get in sunny Singapore.

Mykonos on the Bay
01-10 Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove
Tel: 6334-3818

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