Today is Day 1 of AFF and I thought it would be fun to do a little flashback of our outfits since the first AFF feature that appeared on in 2009. My friends and I bought tickets to the closing show that year – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania.



Yes! That was me and two pals in 2009. You could read about the outfit post here.


That year, I attended the Marchesa show with Dottie and X-Wen. It was the first time I attended a fashion event with other like-minded bloggers. I remember how much energy we had during those days as we even adjourned to a nearby cafe to chit-chat after the show.


You could get more details on my outfit and experience here. Even as I read the entry today, I could sense my excitement at that time!



I managed to get outfit loans from TANG+Co that year! Outfit posts here and here.



I wore my own outfits but was accessorized with Montblanc’s jewellery. Read about them here and here.



2013 was yet another fun year for me at AFF, having obtained backstage access. I think I did a decent job as a fashion week paparazzo! I am also grateful for Wingtai to sponsor my outfits to the events. Read more about them here, here and here.

As the blog celebrates its fifth anniversary quietly this year, it has dawned on to me how much I had gained and evolved through I look forward to more such fun and banter this year at the festival. To keep up with the news and updates of AFF, you could check out their Facebook Page.

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