Hermès always throw fun parties!”

Indeed, their invite-only party “Men on the Move” held at Old Kallang Airport was one of the most interactive events ever. Guests mingle with models, and they get to experience the brand’s clothes, shoes and accessories through activities as well as art installations. This is probably the most effective way to learn about the brand and their latest men’s collection – over booze, good food and beautiful people!


Menswear at the entrance of the now defunct airport terminal.


Dottie and I taking a selfie at the “Changing Rooms” installation by Leandro Erlich.


A model doing a balancing act with the Hermès briefcase.


Food glorious food. There were different counters serving food and beverages. This was a station for warm milk tea, and you could add whiskey into the beverage!


Model with a saddle. This reminds us of the brand’s roots in equestrian and saddle making.


Hermès watch salesmen! Haha!


There was a “Hotel Room” mirror image performance by a pair of twin brothers. It was fun to watch! Apparently, the twins had to rehearse for this performance so now we know how far twins’ telepathy goes!


The twins took a break and yes, we asked them silly questions like, “Hey, are both of you twins?” #statingtheobvious


Airport luggage conveyor belt filled with goodies from Hermès. Didn’t manage to pilfer any as there were security guards around the installation. Check out my video of this conveyor belts filled with goodies and hotties!


I took a picture with a local model who resembles Kim Soo Hyun! #cheapthrill


At the hangar area, there was a Voisin aerosport car on display, with leather covered by Hermès.


Shaved off some delectable desserts at the hangar, whilst playing with the interactive display that introduces some of the new menswear from the brand.

Hermès has also put up an installation around the world of Hermès Homme at their Scott Square boutique. You could check out the display, “Masculins Singuliers” from now till May 11th. Enjoy!

Image credit: Hermès Instagram and MsGlitzy.com

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