I am not new to IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments but the last time I did a series of IPL treatments on my legs, the hair growth slowed but my hair was not completely removed.

We know Strip as the ‘Ministry of Waxing’, but do you know they offer IPL hair removal services too? I decided to check out this service from them, to see how it fare.


My appointment was booked at Strip Raffles City Level 1 outlet.

Things to look out for prior to your IPL session:

1. Wear clothes that are easier to change in and out of, depending on the area that will be undergoing IPL treatment. As my treatment was targeted at the legs, I wore a dress so that I didn’t had to change out of my clothes!

2. Shaving is required prior to the IPL treatment. If you are uncomfortable with getting someone else to shave for you, do-it-yourself prior to the treatment!




Unlike my previous IPL treatments, there was no pain experienced at all throughout my session at Strip. Apparently, the machine used at Strip is different from conventional IPL machines that uses a “zapping motion”. The therapist applied the light via circular motions as the machine uses a new technology known as “Gradual Heating System”. There is lower energy output, yet it is able to deliver small energy doses that are effective in reducing hair growth.

I felt very relaxed at my IPL session and quite a bit of my stubs on my legs have fallen off. Hopefully, given that this is not my first IPL for the legs, hair growth will slow down significantly.

For those who are going for your IPL soon, here are some tips on aftercare:

1. Apply moisturiser on your treatment area.

2. No tight clothing, intensive exercise, hot showers and scrubbing after the treatment.

3. After 1 week, lightly scrub the treated area twice weekly to prevent ingrown hair.

The cost of IPL varies according to the body area but for lower half of the legs, treatment costs S$642 for ladies. Strip may offer promotions or packages from time to time, so do check it out if you are interested!

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