In case you haven’t heard, I am in the midst of designing a cheongsam dress with Junie from Lark & Peony. This was the dream that I have submitted to the Samsung Dream Exchange campaign.


I have been carrying my new tablet – the Samsung GALAXY Tab PRO (8.4″ Display) – everywhere I go to capture my inspirations, take down notes, and communicate with Junie on our collaboration. Our design is still a work-in-progress and I will not be able to share too many details on the dresses at present. Nonetheless, my new gadget had helped to facilitate my dream tremendously.

1. Slim and lightweight. 

This tablet weighs about 330g and it’s slim sleek body – with thickness of only 0.28 inches – fits perfectly into my handbag! I would slot it in my bag or clutch every time I am out and about.


2. Stay connected where-ever I go.

My tablet is the LTE version, so it could be used as a phone if you insert a SIM card. With data on the go, I could snap photos and search online for inspirations, as well as communicate via Facebook, Skype or email. I was also able to sketch on the go using SketchbookX app which I downloaded from Google Play.


Note: This is nothing close to the final idea that we are working on. I apologise for not being able to share the finalised designs or sketches yet – but I will definitely do that closer to the launch!

3. Crystal Clear 8.4” WQ X GA (1600 × 2560) Display 

The superior display of the tablet really helps me a lot in the process of fabric selection. Given that Junie sources the fabrics for Lark & Peony from overseas, I could look at the designs and samples in detail through photos and video conference.


Fancy a cheongsam printed with piano cats? (Image credit: Lark & Peony)

I can’t imagine how amazing it would be once our designs are launched! It would be a collaboration achieved within a rather short timeframe, from two countries. Thank you Samsung Singapore for giving me this wonderful opportunity to try something that I have always dreamed of accomplishing.

There is still time for you to submit your dream now, before the contest closes on 8th August. Simply share it on and select a Samsung product that you believe would help you fulfil this dream. May your dream come true!

This post is courtesy of Samsung Dream Exchange.

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