I had a massive rescue project for my mane last month because it had became dry and frizzy from the colouring and perming that I have done. Moreover, due to the lack of time, I had not gone for a hair treatment for several months. Coupled with the recent colouring and perming in May, my hair condition deteriorated quickly.

My hair stylist, Justin, recommended that I get the Shiseido Salon Solutions Treatment. This treatment is slightly different from the others that I have tried at Shunji Matsuo because it has a stronger restoration effect on damaged hair.


Yes give me back my silky hair please!


My hair – before the treatment.


Enjoying the “Nano Steam” therapy on my hair.

My treatment was a 5-step treatment that comprised of Hair Detox, Deep Hair Repair and Hair Surface Repair Treatments.

The basic program helps to eliminate calcium ion pile-ups within the hair to restore hair to its natural state. Subsequently, the “Aqua Mimic Technology” is employed to focus on replenishing and retaining moisture inside the hair while repairing damaged parts. Shiseido also included a unique “Color Retention Technology” for dyed hair that helps the hair colour to last visibly longer while ensuring shiny, supple hair.

1. An “Off-Clear” product was applied to my hair to remove the chemicals and calcium ion pile-ups.

2. The “Target Repair” tonic was sprayed on my wet hair (with the machine below).


This was the gadget that was used to spray tonic on to the hair, like an airbrush. Check out my instagram video to see the “gun” in action.

3. Then, I was ushered to the treatment room to get my hair steamed.

4. Finally, the “On-Smooth” cream was used to make my hair smooth and soft!


My hair after the treatment – soft, glossy and supple.


My hair is now soft and silky smooth, retaining the loose waves and body of the perm that I did a couple of months back. The result was instantaneous, as I could feel the softness of my hair when I ran my fingers through them after the visit to the salon.

Highly recommended for those who are facing the same damaged hair problems as me! I personally prefer this treatment over Aveda’s that I have reviewed a few months back.

The price range of the Shiseido Salon Solutions is from S$120-S$250, depending on the length of your hair, as well as the type of treatment you chose. A simpler 3-step Hair Detox program would be priced than the more comprehensive Hair Revitalization program.

Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City (Tower B #05-23)  is currently running a 15% discount promotion for this treatment, as well as the Aveda botanical hair therapy from Monday to Thursday. This discount is valid till 30 September 2014. Please call 62381522/62381514 to book an appointment and understand the T&C of this promotion.

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