I wanted chat about the rise of comfortable shoes, in particular, the Birkenstocks. What used to my go-to footwear in college is now the IN thing in the fashion-sphere.

And I do embrace this whole new “comfortable sporty shoes” trend wholeheartedly.. although I don’t see myself wearing a pair of black Arizonas to the office tomorrow.




All the photos above were curated by HonestlyWTF from various websites. As you can tell, the ubiquitous black Arizonas have been seen on various stylish people all over the globe. I do like the clash it creates with long flowy dresses, exuding casual cool vibes which can be kinda sexy.

You may wonder, why only black Arizonas? That is baffling to me too! Birkenstocks have a range of different designs, I have no clue why only the Arizona – which boasts two thick leather straps over the cork footbed – got the attention of the bulk of the fashionables.


Jane Aldrige (Sea of Shoes) wore the Mayari, which I personally prefer over the Arizona. The straps look more dainty and more flattering on our feet!


Ashley Olsen and Heidi Klum wears the Gizeh, which is a thong sandals. (Source: Huffington Post and Designer Swap)


Maggie Gyllenhaal matched a feminine resort outfit with the Madrids. And the Men Repeller attempted an OOTD with the white Madrids too. Who wore them better? (Source: Pinterest, Men Repeller)

The moral of the story? Birkenstocks – not just the Arizonas – are now cool. And it’s time to flaunt your Birks at Orchard Road! I’m not sure whether these shoes are acceptable at Raffles Place though – but I will be on a lookout.

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